Terms and conditions

By entering our site and registering to access or use any of the pages of gloima.com, we believe that you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. This will bind you to a legal agreement with the gloima.com. The agreement constitutes saying that all the use of the site and services offered are all governed by gloima.com.

User Responsibility

By accessing and browsing our website you particularly agree that the service we provide will also involve the mailers concerning to the updating, advertisement, promotional projects or mere administrative information and if you deny you would be opting out of the same.

You specifically submit your agreement that every new feature or additional services will be covered under the terms of services given above.

You agree that the service provided is on and no liability forms against gloima.com as long as the terms and conditions are duly followed by the gloima.com.

You agree that the third party service charges like the internet access charges and the apparatus for access are to be carried directly by you.

You agree to coordinate or follow any recommendations or guidelines submitted by gloima.com with respect to the use of our website or services.

You shall acknowledge that every content featured on the site without any limitation include the template, data, software, graphics, images, illustrations, design, icons, photographs, written and all the other compilations are part and copyrighted works of gloima.com.


Your detailed registration on the website is compulsory to use any or all the services we provide whether they are priced or not.

The process of registration will include the submission of your personal details along with creating the user-id and password.

Once the process of registration is completed, you will be required to generate the password that is a combination of numerals, letters and special symbols. The user will be responsible to keep the confidentiality of the password, their user-id and account details. This will follow by the full responsibility of the user for any activity that will take place under their password, user-id or account.

If you forget a password or any breach of security takes place you must immediately notify the gloima.com for the same. We will provide the facility for retrieving the password and also a way to set up a new password will be intimidated quickly.

You agree to exit your account by logging out at the end of each session.

Users Restrictions

You give your agreement to all the laws prevailing in India and internationally.

You agree that you will not use any service or feature to upload or make any content available that is illegal, meticulous, abusive, vulgar, defamatory, obscene, is an invasion of someone else’s privacy or objectionable in any way

  • Impersonate any person or a fake entry
  • Be harmful to the minors
  • Showcase your affiliation as a different person or entity
  • Share the confidential information with the third parties
  • Make the documents for illegal activities

Upload or showcase any content that violates any of the patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or any other proprietary rights of any party.

Upload or avail any material containing any kind of software viruses, files or programs that are intended to interrupt, destroy or limit the operational capability of any software or hardware.

  • Record or store the personal data of any user
  • Abuse, defame, disrespect or threaten others
  • Make any explicit or vulgar content available
  • Performing something that brings any unreasonable or unevenly large load on the website or the services.
  • Store or collect the e-mail addresses or any other information from our website.
Users Restrictions

According to the terms and conditions being compiled by gloima.com, the user may allow the user to access and use the website and its services.

We reserve the rights to change the frame, content, all or any aspects of the website. We may also make the changes, discontinue or suspend any part of the website or services as and when we want, without any liability or notice to any person. We reserve the complete rights, title interest or caution to make any kind of changes or additions over the features, functionality or any other conditions on which gloima.com is based on.

We are not obligated to provide any kind of training or other support concerning the guidelines for the use or operation of the website or any services provided therein.


The liability of gloima.com, at all the times, will be restricted to the stated selling price to the customers with the defective goods.

gloima.com does not offer any kind of warranty that could be subjected to the claim of breaching any trademark or any rights of the other party.

gloima.com is not obligated for any kind of warranty or actions or words of the gloima.com or its staff or employees to constitute a warranty.


gloima.com reserves the right to terminate any of these terms with immediate effect, canceling all the rights and privileges allowed to the user hereunder. This includes suspending the user's access, utilization of the website or any services. Under no impression or any instance, such termination or suspension by gloima.com relieve the user of any kind of obligation that has materialized under these terms and conditions prior to the date of any such action.

The user is allowed to terminate these terms of use at any time by stopping to enter the website and using any services.


If any of the parties gives a waiver, consent, or acquaintances under these terms of use is only effective and valid on the concerning party only if it is confirmed in writing by that party.


The captions provided in these terms and conditions are merely for the convenience. Although it does not in any way restrict or define the provisions of these terms and conditions.

None of the cover parties could be held as a responsible entity for any mistakes or delays in response to an appeal occurred due to an incorrect email address provided by you or other technical problems.

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