Top Five Tips to Extend the Life of Your Printer Cartridge

26/12/2019 | Admin

Seven percent of the total costs of a company’s monthly budget is consumed by its printing costs. To save up these costs you should try prolonging the life of your ink cartridges. One of the reasons being that ink cartridges are supremely expensive and using it carelessly will lead to exceeding your costs and hampering your budget. This article will provide you with different strategies, methods, options and habits that will help you extend the life of your printer cartridges.

Choose the Right Kind of Cartridge

Your printer model gives you an estimation of the cartridge’s output. So choosing the right kind/ right brand of the cartridge will help you with cost-cutting. Like a Pune based company provides 70% cheaper cartridges from the market value. Plus Gloima printers sustain for a longer period and those are compatible with any model.

Choose the Right Kind of Font

Every font uses a different amount of ink. Using the right fonts will reduce the dots per inch (DPI) and help you in conserving the cartridges in a better way. The most recommended fonts are Arial and New Courier.

Choose the Right Printer Settings

Optimize the correct printing modes. Prefer Draft mode, fast mode or toner-saver mode. Set the printing quality of draft mode. And choose document option while printing.

Choose the Gray-scale

Another way of saving ink is by avoiding rich blacks. Printing in gray-scale will not only preserve your colour cartridges but it will also use less black ink.

Maintain Your Printer

If your cartridges are leaking or committing printing malfunctions it is probably because of the printer jams or print heads. Schedule regular maintenance duties that would keep such problems at arm’s length. Also, some habits like checking the ink levels, monitoring clogs, and cleaning your printers on a regular basis will come to your rescue to extend the cartridge life. With all the strategies and methods to rake and scrape the life printer cartridges, one of the important aspects is to go for good and reliable options.

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